Monday, October 29, 2012

Healer's Destiny Media Blast

Welcome to the media blast for Healer's Destiny, the great new novel from author Julee F Page.

Not only are you entered for the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card, courtesy of Julee F Page, you also have the chance to win a copy of Healer's Destiny, as well as lots of other prizes from other authors and bloggers. In total there are 8 prizes to give away. That means 8 winners!

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A war is waged on humanity when the kingdom of Kavorin realizes only male heirs are being born. The curse can only be broken by a young girl brought up in secret. Her heritage protects her from human magic, but in order to break the curse she must leave everything she holds dear and face the most powerful man in the kingdom.

The daughter of a gifted blacksmith and student to the great magician Gethin, Eliana finds her world turned upside down as she leaves her home to fulfill her destiny. Trolls, heartless bandits, and dragons are only a few of the dangers Eliana will face on her journey. What she doesn’t expect to find is an angry god behind the chaos her world has been suffering from for so many years.  
About the Author
Julee Page is an RN from SLC, UT. She lives with her husband and two beautiful sons. Reading has always been a passion of hers and writing followed easily behind. While she loves all types of literature, Fantasy and Science Fiction are her favorites. She hopes her works will be enjoyed by many in the years to come.

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Newest Obsession

So, I have a list of obsessions that I am not always proud of (picking zits, crocheting, pretending to know how to sew, making up new recipes, and watching Glee), but my newest is by far the most addicting for me. Thankfully I have a husband that keeps me focused on the important things because if it wasn't for him I would totally forget about everything and watch every episode of ABC's 'Once Upon A Time' in one sitting. Whoever wrote this story should seriously go down in history for being genius. I don't want any spoilers because at a steady (but slow) pace my hubby and I are ticking one episode off at a time, SIGH. Man I hate responsibility sometimes. I truly aspire to write something as epic as this tale. The fact that my husband will sit and watch it with me, a man who hates to sit still and feels watching a movie is torture, is testament to how awesome this story really is. Someday I will be the writer of something just as great!  


For all who don't know, Prose By Design (run by best selling authors Cindy Bennett and Sherry Gammon) has changed the face of my book completely. And I don't just mean the cover. These two amazing women have put so much time and effort into my book marketing that I can never even begin to thank them enough! This book blast has really had an impact on how much exposure my book has gotten and will get in the future and I am so excited! They have been so patient with me when I haven't been able to put as much time into this as I would like and they haven't given up on my book. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again! I couldn't do it without you! Love, Julee