Saturday, July 28, 2012


Okay, so I don't have a high horse about organic living, though I can see the benefits and how it is better for our bodies to choose such a lifestyle. However, my high horse is focused on the simplicity of gardening. This is my family's second year of growing our own garden and the blessings from it have been so amazing. Not only do we have our own worm hole leading into the produce section at the local supermarket, but we also have a responsibility as a family to work together to keep the supply going. It amazes me that my five year old is so willing to help water our plants and keep an eye out for weeds. I have what I like to call a "black thumb" (yes, I kill bamboo!) so my hubby tells me what to do and my five year old reminds me to do it so it gets done. Without my family and a little faith it wouldn't be successful. I will admit my hubby spends more time working in the garden than I do, but he tells me how I can help.
Our family lives in a townhome with almost no land to speak of. How do we garden you ask? Containers! We never thought it would be so successful, but we filled up our pots with normal potting soil and we feed them once a week while watering to keep the nutrients replenished. Our front patio is covered in beautiful plants that give us a rich supply of fruits and veggies all through summer and fall. The best part is going out front to pick some tomatoes for our fresh BLTs or peppers to go in our breakfast burritos. We thank our Heavenly Father daily for the large supply of fresh food he gives us through a little work and tender loving care!

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  1. I need to do this, but I forget to ever water even just the flowers in our flower bed out front. Maybe I could hire someone to do it for me? ;) Way to go though for growing it all yourself, so awesome!