Friday, July 27, 2012



Loved this book by Aaron Patterson! I felt the entire story was very original and going from one time period to the other was fantastic! I couldn't get from one page to the next fast enough. Airel is descended from a fallen angel as described in the book of Genesis. With the presence of the Brotherhood she develops the gifts that the fallen angels brought with them from heaven. All of the physical and emotional changes from growing up are compounded with the supernatural changes she is facing. She is being hunted though she is unaware until she is kidnapped. With her is the love of her life, Michael, who just happens to hold a very dark secret. Airel faces the twisted idea of becoming attached to her captor and also faces the abstract idea of where her powers come from. Left open for the sequel, I am very excited to jump into the next book, Michael. Very well written! Read it and share your thoughts!

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